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Mini Pupper 2 Education Kit: AI Quadruped Robot, Educational Robot

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Mini Pupper 2 Education Kit will make robotics easier for university/college students.  



  • Mini Pupper 2 competition will be held at the IEEE R1&R1 Student Activities Conference 2024.
  • AWS LLM(large language model) service can be built-in and will be released after the workshop at AWS re: Invent, NOV. 27 – DEC. 1, 2023 | LAS VEGAS, NV. 
  • ROS(Robot Operating System): support ROS 2 Humble SLAM&Navigation based on Lidar module(need order seperately)
  • OpenCV: supports Pi single MIPI camera and OpenCV's official OAK-D-Lite 3D camera module(need order separately)
  • Open-source: DIY and custom what you want!
  • Pi: it's super expandable, endorsed by Raspberry Pi. 

The education kit includes the following items: 

  • Hardware items:
    • Mini Pupper 2 device
    • Type-C/USB MicroSD Card Reader with USB 3.0 Super Speed
    • High-speed TF (MicroSD) card (Write speed: 90MB/s)
    • Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad
    • Assemble/Disassemble tools
  • Software items:
    • Pre-built image supports eduroam connection, which means, your Mini Pupper can auto-connect your eduroam wifi.
    • Pre-built image supports many samples, such as dance script.
  • 3 Month Technical support to let you enjoy your Mini Pupper ASAP.
  • Curriculum: if you need curriculum support, please send an email to 



Package Recommendation

You can choose the complete kit or the pre-assembled kit as you need.

Complete Kit: includes all the parts and materials to build and program.   

Pre-assembled Kit:  everything you will need to run and program your Mini Pupper 2 Robot right out of the box.  All software is installed and calibration has been completed.

Mini Pupper Workshop at IEEE SAC

Professor Bai hosted 2 wonderful Mini Pupper workshops at the Student Activities Conference (SAC) which is sponsored by IEEE Region 2 & Region 1, 21 Oct 2023.


Mini Pupper at Temple University

Mini Pupper already played with students at Temple University from 2023 and is on the way to more Universities.

Mini Pupper project is inspired by the Stanford Pupper project and was posted on the Stanford Student Robotics website from 2021. After the IEEE workshop, we released the education kit in order to let the students make their quadruped robot easier and simpler in their universities/colleges.