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Pupper, AI Robot, Smart Robot, Quadruped Robot, Educational Robot, Genuine, Open-Source, STEM, K12, MangDang

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Product Highlights

  • Allow robot enthusiasts in K-12 and beyond to get their hands-on fun, dynamic robots
  • Open-source: DIY and custom what you want.
  • Pi: it's super expandable, endorsed by Raspberry Pi.
  • The software can be compatible with ROS, and OpenCV.
  • Pupper will make robotics easier for schools, homeschool families, enthusiasts, and beyond.

Stanford Pupper is a small quadruped robot that can hop, trot, and run around. We hope that its low cost and simple design will allow robot enthusiasts in K-12 and beyond to get their hands-on fun, dynamic robots.


Code repository:

Build time: ~ 8 hours depending on expertise


MangDang is the official vendor of Pupper, which can ship the Pupper standard versions, and also some customized versions, for more detailed information, please refer to our official website, " ".

Complete kit:  includes all the parts and materials to build and program the Pupper, such as Controller, battery, battery charger, and tools. PCB is pre-soldered and pre-assembled.

Pre-assembled Kit: Everything you will need to run and program your Pupper Robot right out of the box. All software is installed and calibration has been completed.

After getting your order, will ship from Shenzhen/China factory, and probably you can receive it about 2-3 weeks later.