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Mini Pupper 2 for Maker: Open-Source, AI Quadruped Robot

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Product Highlights

  • Mini Pupper 2 will make robotics easier for schools, homeschool families, enthusiasts, and beyond.
  • ROS(Robot Operating System): support ROS 2 Humble SLAM&Navigation.
  • OpenCV: supports Pi single MIPI camera and OpenCV's official OAK-D-Lite 3D camera module.
  • Open-source: DIY and custom what you want!
  • Pi: it's super expandable, endorsed by Raspberry Pi. 




Package Recommendation



Basic Kit: For Hackers, you only need to prepare: a Raspberry Pi module, and an SD card. 

Complete Kit: For Hackers, includes all the parts and materials to build and program.   

Legs pre-assembled Kit: For Beginners,pre-assembled legs for quick and easy assembly and evaluation.  

Pre-assembled Kit:  For Beginners, everything you will need to run and program your Mini Pupper 2 Robot right out of the box.  All software is installed and calibration has been completed.


Mini Pupper 2 can do more things with the touch sensor, IMU, position feedback, Micx2, and speaker,  such as adding generative AI.




STL-06P Lidar module: If you want to explore ROS SLAM, Navigation functions based on Lidar, you also need a Lidar module. We'll send our custom Lidar cable and 3D printed holder to let you DIY much more conveniently.



SLAM-MiniPupper supports SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), it can map its environment and learn in real-time from things around using Lidar or a camera sensor. 

Navigation-With the map, Mini Pupper can answer "where am I? Where am I going?" you can call it self-driving technology.    

Camera module: For potential security issues, the camera module is not included in our default package. If you want to explore camera AI functions, you can choose a normal USB camera module, of course, a 3D camera module is better for study. If try the 3D camera module, we recommend you OpenCV's latest 3D camera module, named OAK-D LITE, comes from OpenCV&Luxonis. We will supply a user guide to let you use it easily.