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Mini Pupper 2 Pro Maker Kit: AI Quadruped Robot, Robot

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Mini Pupper 2 Pro Kit is designed ONLY for Makers who has enough time and experience to explore it.

We only accept pre-orders as it's hard to do mass production, the first release time is in Feb. 2024. 



  • Mini Pupper 2 Pro can walk now, and the position and torque/current feedback APIs can work, but the up-layer closed-loop control use cases will take a long time and we will update the software step by step after shipping. 
  • AWS LLM(large language model) service can be built in. 
  • ROS(Robot Operating System): support ROS 2 Humble SLAM&Navigation based on Lidar module(need order seperately)
  • OpenCV: supports Pi single MIPI camera and OpenCV's official OAK-D-Lite 3D camera module(need order separately)
  • Open-source: DIY and custom what you want!
  • Pi: it's super expandable, endorsed by Raspberry Pi. 

The kit includes the following items: 

  • Hardware items:
    • Mini Pupper 2 Pro device
    • Type-C/USB MicroSD Card Reader with USB 3.0 Super Speed
    • High-speed TF (MicroSD) card (Write speed: 90MB/s)
    • Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad
    • Assemble/Disassemble tools



Mini Pupper 2 Pro

Mini Pupper 2 Pro version looks like Mini Pupper 2, the key point is we re-designed the servo system with position and torque/current feedback, the hardware design is finished but the up-layer closed-loop control use cases will take a long time.